Our Coaching Philosophy

The game of soccer is just that--a game. The number one reason children PLAY soccer is to HAVE FUN. Accordingly, our number one goal as an organization is to ensure that every child is provided opportunity to have fun at every game, training session, etc. It is detrimental to the player if there is too much pressure placed on them too early to achieve a result rather than simply experiencing the sheer joy of a youth game. Youth soccer is not about wins and losses or how many trophies are collected. It is about having fun, bonding on a team, and developing as a player, teammate and person.

Proper soccer development means children are playing child-centered, age appropriate activities, so they are able to experience, comprehend, and execute the game as it relates to where they are in their cognitive development. It's about receiving equal playing time, so the players are all given equal opportunity to learn. It's about learning the techniques of the game through a variety of fun games where players have as much contact with a ball as possible. It is about playing all the different positions on the team, so the player learns all the skills necessary to develop in the game.

ISC demands that all participants respect the game of soccer, respect the players, the opponents, the referee, and the parents. Players should come out of their experience with the club as better people and better citizens, not just better soccer players.