Our Mission:

The mission of ISC is to promote the growth of and appreciation for the game of soccer by providing opportunities for the youth of Northern Kentucky to learn the Laws of the Game and participate in organized programs of soccer; to organize and promote youth soccer organizations, clubs leagues, and associations for youth up to and including those 18 years of age; and to encourage good sportsmanship and fair play of all participants therein. It is the vision of ISC to provide the best atmosphere for an enjoyable and affordable soccer experience for everyone, whether participating in our recreational or competitive program. ISC advocates continued development and good sportsmanship for coaches, players, parents and officials. ISC will always uphold the best interest of all of its families, players, coaches and officials and place it first above everything else. ISC will provide all members with the opportunity to participate in, develop and enjoy the game of soccer. In short, our goal is to provide an atmosphere in which all youth can continue to play and love soccer!